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Badgeric rev. 9 (by Eric D)

JSON scriptable badge. Create a badge with alternating text from a JSON script like this: [ { 'content': [ {'text': "Eric Darchis", 'y': 1, 'font': "PermanentMarker36"}, {'text': "Freelance Dev-Ops-Sec", 'y': 36, 'font': "DejaVuSans20"}, {'text': "Java, Python, Grails, Angular", 'y': 61, 'font': "DejaVuSans20"}], 'delay': 10 }, { 'content': [ {'text': "@edarchis", 'y': 1, 'font': "PermanentMarker36"} ], 'delay': 10 } ]

Latest changes: support for the new firmware and use easywifi since wifi.init() won't work anymore.

The URL is saved and can be changed at startup. TODO:

  • Try the new easydraw module
  • Online editor for the script
Category: wearable
Status: broken
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