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text10 text editor! rev. 7 (by LuKaRo)

text10 is a full-blown plain text editor for your card10! It allows you to browse files and directories on your cardio (even subdirectories!), load files (no matter what extension!), edit them (with an as-convenient-as-possibleTM interface!) and save again (in whatever directory you want). Both insert and replace modes are available for editing!

The possibilities are endless: Whether you simply want to take some notes or change your Nick / BLE / other configuration files on-device without the need of a computer. You can even edit your source code on-device (if you really want to and linke torturing yourself ;))!

Controls in Editor: Move cursor position with lower left and right keys, cycle through alphabet with upper right key! Moving right after choosing a letter confirms it, moving left discards. Pressing and holding any of the keys will speed up navigation / selection after a short threshold!

Main menu: text10 also features a main menu which is opened at start and simplyfies control! Press and hold upper right and lower left buttons whenever you want to get back to it.

Category: utility
Status: working
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