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tinder rev. 10 (by sku1d)

A tinder app, which respects your privacy. No cloud, no data acquisition and open source!

How it works: Step 1: You see somebody else using the App (there is a big ? in the display) you press the "yes" or "no" button on your watch. Step 2: If you pressed "no" you can keep walking and start over with the next person.

Step 3: If you pressed "yes" you wait for the other person: Step 3a: It is okay if the other person does not see your attempt (that happens!) Step 3b: If the other person pressed "NO" you can stop waiting Step 3c: If the other person pressed "YES" you can start talking

Changelog FIXED: Initial version had a bug and did not load properly. That is fixed now.

Category: games
Status: working
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