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Turtle game rev. 2 (by Pistabá)

This is my implementation of robot turtles board game that I used to play a lot with my son. Since the original version was not challenging enough for him I created some advanced levels that he could play all over the 8x8 board. Then I started to think about code it in some languages. Later micropython came across on a Hacktivity 2019 badge and I decided that this is going to be the 'myfirstpythonproject' right after hello world.

Help for the game:

You have to reach the diamond with your turtle. The turtle can turn left and right, and it can move ahead. There are two kind of castles on the board: solid rock and ice. The ice castles can be melted using laser but only if the turtle stands right in front of it. The melted ice castle turns to a puddle. The turtle can move through puddles and it also can push crates over them. If there's a crate in front the turtle, it can push it forward if there's nothing behind the crate (e.g. free space or puddle - melted ice castle). The turtle can push only one crate, it cannot push two or more crates even if they are in a row and there's free space behind the last one.

during the gameplay:

LEFT - turn turtle left

RIGHT - turt turtle right

UP - move ahead/push crate

DOWN - undo previous move

ENTER - fire laser (to melt ice castle)

UP + RIGHT - minimap screen

DOWN + LEFT - exit level

settings: Sound: ON or OFF. Turn it 'ON' at your own risk since the buzzer sound 'quality' is simply terrible.

Theme: LIGHT or DARK (aka night mode - unfortunately it's not really useful on this e-ink)

The game was developed on a badge with these versions: sys.espdif_version: v3.1-rc1-53509c7b sys.implementation: 3.2.24 sys.version: 3.4.0

settings - Tomas Knop Icons made by Tomas Knop from

exit sign - Post-1982 Japanese exit sign ("running man") designed by Yukio Ota in 1979.

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