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watch++ rev. 8 (by collins)


An adjustable clock with date and battery display. You'll always find the latest revision at corresponding Github repo (pull requests welcome 😃)


  • Firmware >= 1.9


  • Displays time as a big seven-segment display
  • Displays date including current weekday
  • Displays seconds as a nice looking bar at the bottom of the screen that becomes brighter the more seconds of a minute has been reached
  • Allows changing the time and date completely via buttons
  • Displays the Battery status (including charging status) of your card10-badge
  • Power Safing:
    • Automatically adjust brightness of display depending on light-sensor (safes battery)
    • render normal display mode with 1fps
      • changing time modes will be rendered faster to enable better feedback from button presses


  • long press button in the lower left corner to switch into edit mode
    • allows to set hour, minute, second, day, month, year
  • use upper right button to increment value (+)
  • use lower right button to decrement value (-)
Category: utility
Status: working
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up most useful watch by now 4 years ago
up Best digi clock 4 years ago
up I use this as the default watch, it is great and allows to set the clock/date!! 4 years ago
  • card10: working
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