Wiki-infotag rev. 29 (by Sebastius)
Gets a specific wikipage on a wiki, selects a certain heading, and parses the content (image, text) to the display). Infotag badges!

Configure using:

badge.nvs_set_str("owner", "name", "Plank 2")
badge.nvs_set_str('badge', 'setup.state', '2')
badge.nvs_set_str("badge", "wifi.ssid", "SSID")
badge.nvs_set_str("badge", "wifi.password", "PASSWORD")
badge.nvs_set_str('wiki', 'url', '')
badge.nvs_set_str('wiki', 'page', 'Gallerij')
badge.nvs_set_str('boot', 'splash', 'wiki_infotag')

Still a fast moving target, coming up with cool features every few minutes.

Requires latest Git Pull firmware due to new redirect handling and awesome png_info stuff from tsd!

Rev 22: Dies a bit more graceful when unable to connect to WIFI
Rev 21: Added a self-important service to install the app as the default boot.
Rev 18: Flexible layout based on image size.
Rev 16: Fixed many off by one bugs. Also will get the final item on a page now.
Rev 12: Get the site and page from NVS.
Rev 9: Deepsleep for about 30 minutes (so every 30 minutes it updates the info)
Rev 7: Autoupdating built in
Rev 3: Images now load
Category: graphics
Status: working
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